Spina Rossa can cause unexpected suggestions: the astonishing view of a starry sky in the deep silent night, the desire to listen to the breath of nature, the pleasure to be a part of it. And during the day, it is worth discovering everything all around ...

discovering Cilento National ParkCilento and Vallo di Diano National Park
The South of Italy's green heart. One of the most beautiful and uncontaminated sea of the whole Mediterranean.
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discovering the small village of AcquavellaAcquavella
Our birthplace. A labyrinth of alleys that preserves still intact his native soul. Little and beautiful at the same time.
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Red rocks, endless beaches, the beauty of a true and wild Mediterranean sea.
| Breathless |
Grotte dell'AngeloGrotte dell'Angelo
One of the greatest speleological area of the South Italy. A trip into the earth veins.
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Paestum - CilentoPaestum
The old Greek colony devoted to the sea God. A walk in the history.
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Padula - the Carthusian monasteryCertosa di Padula
One of the biggest European Carthusian monastery, preserving the greatness and the wisdom of the old monastic order.
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The town where man discovered his essence. The Italy cradle of greek philosophy. A door opened to the knowledge.
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SalernoDay trip
Starting from Spina Rossa it's easy to visit in one-day trips other remarkable Campania sites: Amalfi Coast, Pompei and Ercolano, Sorrento and its coast, Salerno, the Royal Palace of Caserta.